The Pike River development began with the establishment of the Woolshed accommodation in 2006.

It became clear that visitors enjoyed the region and felt that the Pike River and surrounds offered a special place for people to visit. Guests also commented on the Woolshed’s position as central to the major towns.

Most importantly people loved the seclusion, serenity and natural environment provided around the Woolshed, coupled with the majestic views and river access.

A separate 15 acres of prime riverfront land was made available to us by ‘Chook’ Letton and the new Pike River development was born.

The development of an environmentally sustainable site has always been a key component of the plans…. but things went a little further when we built Australia’s first privately owned sunfarm!

Following the sunfarm came the water catchment tank which will supply water for the entire development, negating any need to use river water.

The completion of our 3 luxury villas now has Pike River offering quality accommodation for families and groups through the Woolshed and absolute eco indulgence for couples with Pike River Stone, Redgum and Ibis.

Our next stage has finally been completed and includes the development of a purpose built Function Centre, and small group specific Business Centre.

Added to this we have built 2 additional 2 bedroom apartment villas- Pike River Dusk and Pike River Water as well as giving the Woolshed a major refurbishment it looks fantastic!

Find out a little bit more about the Solar Farm…

In our aim to create a sustainable site we went down the logical path of planning to install some Solar panels to support the needs of the development.

The initial idea was to install a basic 10KW system which would provide all the power needed to run the entire development- inclusive of the proposed function and business centre. It was at this time that the South Australian government took the lead and instigated a 44 cent feed in tariff.

We were fortunate to have the Solar Shops mini solar farm expert living at Winkie and after a lot of discussion we decided to invest in a full 30KW system. It is important to note that while the outlay is quite large the sun farm will provide a financial return helping make the whole development more financially sustainable. We believe this to be not only a sensible decision but our environmental responsibility given our aims for the site.

We were surprised and pleased to see the interest that this has generated at a local, regional, state and national level.

Our second key aim was to aim towards a zero use policy on our river allocation. We installed a large Rhino tank which will be capable of delivering enough water to supply all villas and where necessary top up supplies for the consequent function and business centres. But where do we get this water from??-With a little bit of effort and some great support from HOFFYS STEEL we managed to devise a catchment system from the SOLAR PANELS!!! So our panels now provide power and water- a double win-win.

We have also installed an Australian award winning Biolytix waste treatment system which will supply much needed water to local native plants situated near the villa.

We certainly haven’t finished with developing a cleaner, greener site but we are on the way.

Keep an eye on us as we try to develop continually better systems to ensure our site is still aiming for sustainable excellence.